1. Do you take walk-ins?
Currently, you must call my business cell or e-mail me to schedule an appointment. EMAIL is the PREFERRED way of communication. I do not take walk-ins at this time.
2. Do you take insurance?
I am NOT accepting any insurance at this time and I am not part of any managed care plans. This means that you need to pay at the time of session. Automatic payment with a VISA or Mastercard is preferred; checks and cash, however, are also accepted.

My general prices are $325 dollars for the initial 60-75 minute evaluation and $125 for the follow-up appointments that are approximately 30 minutes.

3. I got to your office, I’m in the waiting room but I don’t see a receptionist. What do I do?
Just wait and read a magazine. I’ll come out and get you from my office which is in the back. If I don’t come out within 15 minutes of your appointment time, please call my business cell.
4. Do you have hospital privileges and do you see patients in the hospital?
No, I do not currently see patients in the hospital.
5. How do you pronounce your last name? An H and then an S does not make an English sound!
It’s real easy, it’s pronounced “Shay.”
6. Can I contact you by e-mail?
Yes you can contact me by e-mail and it is the PREFERRED method of making an appointment. The e-mail address is hsiehdale@gmail.com. You can also contact me on my business cell phone as well.
7. I can’t download the forms or they come out wrong!!
Don’t worry, I just fixed it if it doesn’t work now ,please let me know.

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